Saturday, October 16, 2010

This is a photo of a mouth guard I made for Trabuco Hills Lacrosse.
You may not know it but the Mission Viejo football team has been wearing the custom fitted mouth guards that I have been fabricating in my office for the past 7 years. In being a Mission Viejo dentist, I take great pride in providing a the best quality and comfortable care for my patients. When athletes that are playing football, lacrosse, and even baseball and soccer they need to be using a custom fitted mouth guard. I am protecting football players from potential concussions. Custom sports mouth guards have an outstanding fit. They allow the football, lacrosse or basketball players to communicate and save their endurance. Whether I am protecting crowns, veneers, caps, or white fillings. Our goal is to keep kids from having sports injuries that are unnecessary.


Excel Dental said...
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DRMuradThakur said...

This is a simple but most useful mouth guard.Thanks Dr Lapsi for giving the mouth guard a standard users friendly shape. Athlete and sportsman of all categories might use this for oral and dental safety. Want to see more posting. Family Dentist