Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My office is in Mission Viejo, CA. I am a dentist cosmetic and smile makeovers. I take care of patients with TMJ, jaw soarness, broken teeth, tired muscles. I also have the ability to make teeth white through bleaching and zoom and zoom 2 procedures. We care for patients in Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo dentist, Ladera Ranch, Coto de Caza, Laguna Hills. and Lake Forest. As a cosmetic Dentist Mission Viejo, one of our best procedures is to cosmetic veneers, cosmetic porcelain crowns, teeth whitening before veneers and smile makeovers. Call us at 949-770-9533 or find more about our practice at www.drobraitis.com

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We had a great patient come into out office on Tuesday. This is a younger patient of our office and he had some ridges on the teeth from having braces. We elected to complete the changes to his smile by completing a smile makeover. Prior to completing any treatment, our patient was evaluated for any TMJ concerns. TMJ or TMD is when the joint is unhealthy due to a poor bite or history of dental trauma. Finding that his bite was healthy, we began our teeth bonding procedure. This is a very simple procedure. Our patient didn't even have to get numb. This treatment is completely reversible and can be adjusted and polished as easy as it was placed.
We initially washed the teeth to prepair the tooth for bonding or fixing the material. We selected the tooth color shade that gave our patient the desired results of a new confident smile. The option of bonding the tooth was made over placing a porcelain veneer or a porcelain veneer. Those treatments are not reversible. Our office information is 949-770-9533. Please look up more before and afters at our websited: www.drobraitis.com
Our dental/dentist office is located in Mission Viejo, CA and serves other communities such as Ladera Ranch, Lake Forest, Laguna Hills, RSM ( Ranch Santa margarita). I will be happy to answer your questions. at dr.rick@drobraitis.com

Monday, October 18, 2010

When it comes to MMA in Orange County, there is one place that the pros know to go. Their gym is Reign of Lake Forest. Reign is known as a powerhouse for some of the nations top MMA strikers. What makes them the best is their training and their equipment. Dr O'Braitis, a sports dentist in Mission Viejo has provided a number of custom fitted mouth guards for MMA fighters and graplers. As a dentist Mission Viejo, and surrounding cities of Lake Forest, RSM, Coto de Caza and Laguna Hills, Dr. O'Braitis provides caring and comfortable care for all of his patients.
What separates a mouth guard or sports mouth guard made by this Mission Viejo dentist is that the fit is so ideal that MMA fighters at Reign only want to wear mouth guards made at the office in Mission Viejo. An ideal fit and the ability to breathe increases compliance and the fact that the sports mouth guard by Dr. O'Braitis fits so well, there is no slipping and the protection from a broken tooth or concussion is minimized. Call Dr. O'Braitis today for your impression of a custom fitted sports guard at 949-770-9533.
We have recently begun a campaign for Zoom Whitening Special Offers and I must say that we have had tremendous results. Both with patients scheduled and whitening results. If you are looking for a whiter, brighter smile, for a special event, or just "because", please consider the Zoom Whitening Teeth Whitening System. The procedure takes approximately 2 hours and the results are immediate. Our office is in Mission Viejo, CA. We care for the other surrounding cities of Ladera Ranch, Rancho Santa Margarita, Lake Forest and Coto de Caza. Being a dentist in Mission Viejo has been very rewarding.

In addition to Zoom 2 Teeth Whitening procedures, our office provides veneers, crowns, caps, bridges, sports mouth guards ( Mission Football, RSM Football, JSerra Football, and many others).

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The sport of Mixed Martial Arts is reaching an all time High. Locations like Reign of Lake Forest, CA and Joker's in Orange County have provided dental offices with a great opportunity. This opportunity is to give them the best fitting sports mouth guard they can use. As a cosmetic and family dentist in Mission Viejo, CA, I have protected the TMJ from contact on many avenues. The sports guards that are made in my dentist office in Mission Viejo dentist give a superior fit. My mouth guard is thicker and absorbs the blows much better than a stock guard. These mouth guards our also worn by Mission Football players for 7 years. Also Santa Margarita, Jserrs, Trabuco Hills, and Pop Warner players. More information can be found about our office at www.drobraitis.com. Visit our site to make your appointment today.
This is a photo of a mouth guard I made for Trabuco Hills Lacrosse.
You may not know it but the Mission Viejo football team has been wearing the custom fitted mouth guards that I have been fabricating in my office for the past 7 years. In being a Mission Viejo dentist, I take great pride in providing a the best quality and comfortable care for my patients. When athletes that are playing football, lacrosse, and even baseball and soccer they need to be using a custom fitted mouth guard. I am protecting football players from potential concussions. Custom sports mouth guards have an outstanding fit. They allow the football, lacrosse or basketball players to communicate and save their endurance. Whether I am protecting crowns, veneers, caps, or white fillings. Our goal is to keep kids from having sports injuries that are unnecessary.