Friday, November 26, 2010

Custom Sports Guards Are Ideal For All Ages

In my Mission Viejo, CA dental office, we have been fabricating thousands of custom fabricated sport mouth guards for athletes of all ages. Custom sports guards have ideal retention that allow them to protect your child from potential concussion. The fit makes it more comfortable preventing gagging and your child from wanting to chew on his guard. The fit also allows for better breathing that at the game will give your child the extra endurance to make the difference for that game winning play.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lacrosse Mouth Guards - Custom Made in Our Office

For the past 6 years our office has been fabricating sport mouth guards for elite high school athletes in South Orange County. Our dental office in Mission Viejo has made us part of sports teams of JSerra, Mission Viejo Football, Santa Margarita Catholic High School Football and players from Aliso Viejo. Making a mouth guard is completed by making a mold of players teeth. Our custom mouth gaurd like this one made for Tesoro Lacrosse is used by players from Coto de Caza, Mission Viejo, Laguna Hills, and Rancho Santa Margarita. A sports guard gives consistent protection from potential concussions and allows the athlete to breathe and speak better. Their ability to breathe easier increases their endurance and allows for them to be at their best at the end of the game. Cosmetic dentistry and crowns, veneers, bridges can be protected by mouth guards.

Improving Your Smile With Bonding

What is bonding? Bonding of your teeth is when the same white fillings that are used in the white tooth colored material, which is a glass resin material. This material is adhered to the tooth through a process of cleaning and placing an adhesive to the clean tooth. These photos taken in my Mission Viejo Dental office were completed after an one hour procedure. As a dentist Mission Viejo, I evaluate the tmj and the occlusion ( how the teeth come together). Cosmetic Dentistry is just the simple process of creating symmetry with the front teeth and the eyes. I have patients from Mission Viejo, Cot de Caza, Rancho Santa Margarita, Laguna Hills, and Laguna Niguel. In South Orange County, as a dentist, Cosmetic Dentists complete veneers,crowns, porcelain crowns, lumineers and crowns. The use of a night guard or mouth guard protects teeth from breaking or chipping the cosmetic treatment. Please feel free to call us at 949-770-9533 for a courtesy consultation. Or visit our site at

Saturday, November 20, 2010

We are running a great teeth whitening program right now. We have seen dramatic results by using Zoom 2 teeth whitening. When someone uses zoom teeth whitening to create a brighter smile, your smile is rejuvenated and your confidence level will be at a new high.
We use zoom 2 in our Mission Viejo, CA dental office. Zoom has been our source for brighter smiles.. Zoom is used by our patients when veneers, crowns, and teeth bonding are performed in our South Orange County Dental office. Feel free to find out more about our office and our wonderful dental procedures at our website : Our office phone number is 949-770-9533. As the owner of this family and cosmetic dental office, I am proud of our services and the dentistry we provide.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My office is in Mission Viejo, CA. I am a dentist cosmetic and smile makeovers. I take care of patients with TMJ, jaw soarness, broken teeth, tired muscles. I also have the ability to make teeth white through bleaching and zoom and zoom 2 procedures. We care for patients in Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo dentist, Ladera Ranch, Coto de Caza, Laguna Hills. and Lake Forest. As a cosmetic Dentist Mission Viejo, one of our best procedures is to cosmetic veneers, cosmetic porcelain crowns, teeth whitening before veneers and smile makeovers. Call us at 949-770-9533 or find more about our practice at

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We had a great patient come into out office on Tuesday. This is a younger patient of our office and he had some ridges on the teeth from having braces. We elected to complete the changes to his smile by completing a smile makeover. Prior to completing any treatment, our patient was evaluated for any TMJ concerns. TMJ or TMD is when the joint is unhealthy due to a poor bite or history of dental trauma. Finding that his bite was healthy, we began our teeth bonding procedure. This is a very simple procedure. Our patient didn't even have to get numb. This treatment is completely reversible and can be adjusted and polished as easy as it was placed.
We initially washed the teeth to prepair the tooth for bonding or fixing the material. We selected the tooth color shade that gave our patient the desired results of a new confident smile. The option of bonding the tooth was made over placing a porcelain veneer or a porcelain veneer. Those treatments are not reversible. Our office information is 949-770-9533. Please look up more before and afters at our websited:
Our dental/dentist office is located in Mission Viejo, CA and serves other communities such as Ladera Ranch, Lake Forest, Laguna Hills, RSM ( Ranch Santa margarita). I will be happy to answer your questions. at

Monday, October 18, 2010

When it comes to MMA in Orange County, there is one place that the pros know to go. Their gym is Reign of Lake Forest. Reign is known as a powerhouse for some of the nations top MMA strikers. What makes them the best is their training and their equipment. Dr O'Braitis, a sports dentist in Mission Viejo has provided a number of custom fitted mouth guards for MMA fighters and graplers. As a dentist Mission Viejo, and surrounding cities of Lake Forest, RSM, Coto de Caza and Laguna Hills, Dr. O'Braitis provides caring and comfortable care for all of his patients.
What separates a mouth guard or sports mouth guard made by this Mission Viejo dentist is that the fit is so ideal that MMA fighters at Reign only want to wear mouth guards made at the office in Mission Viejo. An ideal fit and the ability to breathe increases compliance and the fact that the sports mouth guard by Dr. O'Braitis fits so well, there is no slipping and the protection from a broken tooth or concussion is minimized. Call Dr. O'Braitis today for your impression of a custom fitted sports guard at 949-770-9533.
We have recently begun a campaign for Zoom Whitening Special Offers and I must say that we have had tremendous results. Both with patients scheduled and whitening results. If you are looking for a whiter, brighter smile, for a special event, or just "because", please consider the Zoom Whitening Teeth Whitening System. The procedure takes approximately 2 hours and the results are immediate. Our office is in Mission Viejo, CA. We care for the other surrounding cities of Ladera Ranch, Rancho Santa Margarita, Lake Forest and Coto de Caza. Being a dentist in Mission Viejo has been very rewarding.

In addition to Zoom 2 Teeth Whitening procedures, our office provides veneers, crowns, caps, bridges, sports mouth guards ( Mission Football, RSM Football, JSerra Football, and many others).

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The sport of Mixed Martial Arts is reaching an all time High. Locations like Reign of Lake Forest, CA and Joker's in Orange County have provided dental offices with a great opportunity. This opportunity is to give them the best fitting sports mouth guard they can use. As a cosmetic and family dentist in Mission Viejo, CA, I have protected the TMJ from contact on many avenues. The sports guards that are made in my dentist office in Mission Viejo dentist give a superior fit. My mouth guard is thicker and absorbs the blows much better than a stock guard. These mouth guards our also worn by Mission Football players for 7 years. Also Santa Margarita, Jserrs, Trabuco Hills, and Pop Warner players. More information can be found about our office at Visit our site to make your appointment today.
This is a photo of a mouth guard I made for Trabuco Hills Lacrosse.
You may not know it but the Mission Viejo football team has been wearing the custom fitted mouth guards that I have been fabricating in my office for the past 7 years. In being a Mission Viejo dentist, I take great pride in providing a the best quality and comfortable care for my patients. When athletes that are playing football, lacrosse, and even baseball and soccer they need to be using a custom fitted mouth guard. I am protecting football players from potential concussions. Custom sports mouth guards have an outstanding fit. They allow the football, lacrosse or basketball players to communicate and save their endurance. Whether I am protecting crowns, veneers, caps, or white fillings. Our goal is to keep kids from having sports injuries that are unnecessary.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

It has been an interesting week. There are weeks when we complete numerous veneer cases. However,o with our growing practice in Mission Viejo, CA., we have seen quite a few new patients. When a new dental patient from the South Orange County enters our office, it is important to us that they receive the ideal dental care that they deserve. We begin our new patient visits with a tour of the office. We express how important it is that sterilization one of our first priorities in our dentist office. We then complete a comprehensive exam that includes digital xrays, dental photos of our patient's existing dentition. Upon completion the an oral cancer screening, all findings are reviewed and if dental treatment is needed, treatment options are given. In some cases, veneers may not only enhance your smile but provide the protective benefit of stopping grinding. Crowns and bridges will help stabilize our patient's teeth so that they are able to eat with confidence. Our patients come from all over South Orange County. Our patients live in Mission Viejo, Ladera Ranch, coto de Caza, San Clemente and Laguna Hills and Laguna Niguel. Please take time to call us at 949-770-9533 for a courtesy consultation if you our having any dental questions you need answered.
See you soon.
Dr. Rick O'Braitis

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

As a Mission Viejo Dentist in South Orange county I am excited to announce are sports mouth guard program is getting off to a great start. Some players have not worn their mouth guard and this has resulted in a root canal and three broken teeth. Santa Margarita, Mission Viejo, JSerra and many other programs in Orange County. Being a dentist in Orange County is very rewarding. By placing veneers and crowns has allowed me to practice dentistry that is second to none.

Friday, April 23, 2010

When I see a patient in my dental office in my Mission Viejo, CA, in South Orange County one of the first things I ask is if there are any chief complaints. I place these dental statements made by our dental patients into the patient record. When a patient in my Mission Viejo dental office has the amount of wear on their teeth, I really begin to ask if the patient they have any pain in their their temporomandibular Joint. Also known as TMJ. Frequently, when I speak to patients as their dentist in surrounding towns of Ladera Ranch, Lake Forest, Santa Margarita and Laguna Hills, they say they have TMJ and in actuality is TMD.
When wear on our teeth occurs over a long period of time, the jaw will begin to close more and more on a consistent basis. This additional closing of the jaw is referred to as "loss of vertical dimension". And as one loses enamel on their teeth a number of things occur simultaneously : loss of vertical dimension, accelerated wear of the teeth due to exposed dentin and changes in the TMJ. What can be done to treat this wear? In my dental office in Mission Viejo,CA, one can have bonding of tooth colored ( composite) material over the dentin where enamel has been lost. Veneers, caps, crowns, lumineers da vinci veneers and nite guard can be used to restore the teeth. Cosmetic dentistry is also useful.
My name is Dr. Rick O'Braitis and my dental practice is located in South Orange County, Mission Viejo, CA. My office can be reached at 949-770-9533. Before and after photos of crowns and veneers can be found at our website:

Friday, April 16, 2010

Cavities are nothing to laugh about. The presence of strep mutans, the bacteria that causes cavities loves to eat carbohydrates. This is why it important to removes the food particles that are on your teeth. Plaque will build up every 24 hours. If the plaque remains over 24 hours, tartar will form. Scaling and root planing, a deep cleaning as known to many, would be need to remove this material from your teeth.
As a dentist in Mission Viejo, CA, our dental office cares for all patients in South Orange County. We care for patients in Laguna Hills, Lake Forest, Santa Margarita, and Laguna Niguel. Dental offices in mission Viejo allow for ideal treatment. Treating patients in Mission Viejo and South Orange County is completed with digital radiography and cameras that allow the proper diagnosis of any dental care.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

As a dentist in Mission Viejo, CA, if am stopping to think of all the new patients that we have been seeing in our office lately. Our patients from South Orange County are from Lake Forest, Laguna Hills, Ladera Ranch, San Juan Capistrano alike. Dentistry in Mission Viejo is competitive, but what sets us apart is the level of care we provide our patients. Providing comfortable care is our first priority.
During on of your first visits you will have your teeth cleaned. If there is a presence of gum disease, this can be treated with a deep gum and teeth cleaning. In our dental office in Mission Veijo we remind patients that plaque builds up in 24 hours.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tomorrow is going to be a great day at our dental office. Our Mission Viejo Dental office provides dental care for many of the surrounding areas of Lake Forest dentistry, Santa Margarita dentistry, and Laguna Hills and San Clemente. We have an opportunity to provide crowns and veneers for one of our patients. When a patient has TMD and pain with their TMJ, a niteguard and dental care towards relieving pain.

When pain occurs with TMJ and results in TMD. Temporomanibular disorder, occurs when teeth come together and result in jaw pain. Teeth come together and should result in comfort. My Mission Viejo dental office provides services such as crowns, veneers, root canals, and caps. Sometimes placing caps and crowns on teeth are needed to correct TMD. Cosmetic dentistry is important to many people. It builds self esteem and confidence. As a Mission Viejo dentist, dentistry in South Orange County is providing caring and comfortable access to a long term dental health.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

At our dental office in Mission Viejo, there are some exciting things happening. I will first say our dental office in Mission Viejo proudly serves the surrounding the local cities as well. We our proud to have patients from Lake Forest, Ladera Ranch, Rancho Santa Margarita, and Laguna Hills. As a practicing dentist in Mission Viejo for over 7 years we have become strong member of the community. We are the team dentist for Mission Viejo football, and have provides over 400 sports guards to the varsity mission Viejo football team since 2004. We are excited to announce that we will be involved with athletes as a dentist supporting the Santa Margarita Football team as well. Look for our custom mouth guards on a field near you.