Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dentist Mission Viejo, California - Sports

What is happening today? As the sports seasons continue, it is time to have your custom fitted sports mouth guard fabricated by Dr. Richard O'Braitis. Each year I fit the Mission Viejo Varsity Football team with custom fitted sports mouth guards. As a dentist in Mission Viejo, I have custom fitted over 500 athletes with their sports guards. These are the same custom sports guards worn by professional and college athletes. A dentist is the only one that can fit an athlete with sports guards. Impressions by the dentist, in this case a dentist in Mission Viejo, are used to create a mold wear a custom sports guard is fabricated. A sports guard made by a dentist provides ideal protection, allows for better communication and breathing, and will not dislodge during contact.

My office is located in Missio Viejo, California. Mission Viejo, California is a community in South Orange County of Southern California. As a dentist in the community of Mission Viejo, I am proud to continue to provide care to Newport Beach, Ladera Ranch, Rancho Santa Margarita, Aliso Viejo, Lake Forest, and Coto De Caza. Mission Viejo is a great sports community and the other areas of Orange County continue to provide great athletes.....with great teeth.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Root canals

Today at the office was very interesting. I had three patients that all needed to have root canals. And each situation is different. If you have or have not had a root canal, let me tell you about each case. the first patient had a crown on her lower right second molar. The porcelain crown has been hurting for months. As we treated the tooth with root canal therapy, we found an inflamed nerve. The second patient had a crown that was placed several months ago. The tooth was previously cracked prior to have a crown placed. (treatment options for restoring a tooth include porcelain crowns, ceramic crowns, gold crowns, veneer crowns) For this second patient, his nerve simply became inflamed after treatment and the nerve was not going to get better. The last patient that needed a root canal today didn't have a crown on the tooth. her tooth has been hot and cold sensitive for several months. We used sensodyne tooth paste. When we began treating the tooth, the nerve was inflamed.
When it comes down to it, if your tooth is sensative to hot, cold, pressure, give our office a call at 949-770-9533. Listen to your body. Root canals have a bad reputation because some patients delay treatment due to fear, time, or finances. We can help with all of them.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Invisalign -- Zoom

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On of the exciting treatments in dentitistry to day is to make a smile white by using Zoom laser whitening. Zoom whitening can change one's smile within one hour. To make teeth bright, we enhance the smile using whitening solution during the zoom process. Zoom will make your teeth white and by using touch up trays with at home whitening solution, your smile will stay white for years. White teeth enhance a smile. With a whiter smile, your confidence will grow as well. People love to see a beautiful smile. It is easy to remember someone who has a white smile. The brighter the better. Zoom can make this happen. After you have a white smile by using the Zoom treatment. As a cosmetic dentist, I am able to place veneers (bonding, porcelain, ceramic, metal-free, lumineers, da vinci) and enhance your white smile even more. Veneers will allow your smile to stay white for years to come.
Invisalign can straighten your teeth without the use of the unsightly brackets. Invisalign uses cosmetic invisible aligners to enhance the your smile, straighten your teeth and create the smile you have always wanted. Once your teeth have been straightened with invisalign, you may require zoom teeth whitening to complete the transformation of your cosmetic smile. Zoom will keep your teeth 7-8 shades lighter.
As a cosmetic dentist in Mission Viejo, California, I truly enjoy when I have the opportunity to enhance someone’s smile and life. When a smile is changed with porcelain cosmetic veneers ( lumineers, da vinci, or even resin veneers and porcelain crowns) the changes in one’s face change dramatically as well. I have had the opportunity to work with patients from all over South Orange County. Patients from Ladera Ranch, San Clemente, Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, Lake Forest, and San Juan Capistrano. Orange County patients take great pride in their smiles and it is a pleasure to care for them. If you are a resident of Ladera Ranch, Mission Viejo, Lake Forest and the other communities of Orange County, please call 949-770-9533. Let us make your smile its best.

Zoom and Veneers - Beautiful Smile

White teeth and a beautiful smile bestows confidence in ourselves. In dentistry, being a cosmetic dentist in Orange County is very rewarding and fulfilling. I have had the opportunity to whiten, brighten, preserve, and enhance smiles throughout Orange County. These patients come from communities such as Ladera Ranch, Rancho Santa Margarita, Coto De Caza, Foothill Ranch, Mission Viejo, San Juan Capistrano, and San Clemente.
The above patient wanted to whiten her smile. She started treatment with Zoom whitening and completed her treatment with veneers and a niteguard to prevent her veneers from fracturing in the future. Veneers are a conservative method to complete a smile makeover. The front portion of the teeth are lightly reshaped. The enamel of the tooth is preserved to allow for bonding of the veneer ( resin, lumineer, da vinci, porcelain, ceramic) It is important to note that whitening teeth with zoom laser whitening procedure allows for optimal results. Smiles are evaluated using digital x-rays and intraoral cameras. Zoom whitening can lighten, brighten, and whiten a smile by 7-8 shades in one hour. Gums are evaluated to assure the absence of gum disease ( gingivitis, or Periodontitis).
As a cosmetic dentist in Mission Viejo, California, I truly enjoy when I have the opportunity to enhance someone’s smile and life. When a smile is changed with porcelain cosmetic veneers ( lumineers, da vinci, or even resin veneers and porcelain crowns) the changes in one’s face change dramatically as well. I have had the opportunity to work with patients from all over South Orange County. Patients from Ladera Ranch, San Clemente, Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, Lake Forest, and San Juan Capistrano. Orange County patients take great pride in their smiles and it is a pleasure to care for them.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cosmetic Dentist - Orange County

In Orange County, including the communities of Ladera Ranch, Rancho Santa Margarita, Irvine, Mission Viejo, and Lake Forest, changing your smile can be one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself.

85% of the poplation feel that the whiter brighter smile is one of the most important part of feeling attractive. As a cosmetic dentist in mission Viejo, providing specialized care by placing veneers,( da vinci, lumineers, porcelain cosmetic veneers, or resin veneers)my goal is to let the patient have a beautiful smile that stays white forever. As a cosmetic dentist in Mission Viejo and Orange County, California, transforming a smile with the possible choice of veneers is the fastest way. Other options include invisalign, lumineers, and davinci veneers.

Please see our website at to see more of our photos.

When choosing to complete a smile makeover,there are many options. But prior to placing cosmetic dentist veneers such as all porcelain veneers, lumineers, da vinci, it is necessary to get a dental exam. There may be areas of concern with the need for teeth whitening with zoom or the need for possible root canals. Patients that play sports in Mission Viejo, Ladera Ranch, Rancho Santa Margarita are advised to have x-rays taken to determine the best care needed.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Orange County Cosmetic Smile Makeover

This older patient presented to our office wanting to whiten his smile. He knew that a whiter and brighter smile ( through zoom teeth whitening, veneers, lumineers, or davinci veneers) bestows confidence and pride in oneself.

Not knowing a cosmetic dentist in Orange County, he researched the area including Ladera Ranch, Rancho Santa Margarita, Lake Forest, Irvine, Laguna Hills, and Mission Viejo. A friend referred him to our office and a great smile makeover was ready to take place.

Several teeth needed whitening. We began by whitening his teeth with zoom in dental office whitening. As a cosmetic dentist, using veneers such as davinci, lumineers, and porcelain cosmetic veneers it is important to whiten your teeth as much as possible to achieve optimal results. Zoom whitening before porcelain cosmetic veneers will make your smile its best. Four all porcelain cosmetic dentist veneers were placed. If a greater amount of decay was present, root canals, crowns and sometimes bridges are needed. The white smile achieved using zoom whitening of his teeth and porcelain veneers achieved the positive results for our patients smile makeover. Any patient in South Orange County, from Ladera Ranch to Lake Forest, to Coto De Caza, and Rancho Santa Margarita can have a wonderfule smile.

My name is Dr. Richard O'Braitis. I am a cosmetic dentist in South Orange County. As a practicing dentist in Mission Viejo, I have been able to treat patients through cosmetic dental care throughout Orange County. My patients come from Ladera Ranch, Coto de Caza, Rancho Santa Margarita, Lake Forest, Irvine, Laguna Hills, and San Juan Capistrano. Being a cosmetic dentist in Mission Viejo, has given me a great opportunity to create a whiter brighter smile using cosmetic veneers, porcelain crowns, white fillings. Using Zoom whitening procedures in the office enhances such procedures as porcelain cosmetic veneers, lumineers, davinci veneers, even resin cosmtic veneers. See more information at our website,

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dentistry as a Career

My name is Dr. Richard O'Braitis. I am a cosmetic and general dentist practicing in Mission Viejo, California. As a member of the Mission Viejo community, I have become strongly involved in the community. As the dental consultant to the Mission Viejo football team, my office has provided over 500+ sports mouth guards in an effort to make the sports the safest possible. In the past 4 years, my office has donated over $125,000 in donated services.
One of my most enjoyable treatments to perform for the community of Mission Viejo and surrounding communities of Ladera Ranch, Coto de Caza, Rancho Santa Margarita and Laguna Hills and the remaining communities in South Orange County is Cosmetic Dentisty. Cosmetic Dentistry includes bonding, implants, Cosmetic porcelain veneers, all porcelain crowns, non metal crowns, porcelain cosmetic veneers. Cosmetic dentistry such as veneers can transform someones life. I have been told by some of my patients that they hated their teeth. Their smile never made them happy. By completing a smile makeover using cosmetic porcelain veneers( whether they are davinci or lumeneers) patient's lives are transformed. The symmetry of the smile creates a wonderful feeling. Brighter, whiter smiles by using Zoom whitening is the fastest way to whiter teeth. Look for more information at are website

Sports Dentistry- Lacrosse,Football etc

As a family and cosmetic dentist in Mission Viejo, California, I have had the opportunity to provide over 500+ custom fitted sports mouth guards for the athletes of Orange County. Find out more about our office at

I have been working with the Mission Viejo varsity football program since 2004 and have fitted every varsity football player with their own custom fitted sports mouth guard. Each Mission Viejo football player has the confidence that their teeth and jaw is protected with a custom fitted sports guard. The benefits of a sports guard from our office include ideal fit, proper thickness to help prevent potential concussion and improved ability to speak and breathe.

Trauma to teeth can result in a lifetime of dental care equalling upto $15,000 per tooth. This could include the continued need for cosmetic dentistry. Such dental care could include zoom whitening, porcelain crowns, cosmetic veneers, possible bridges and implants. If trauma does occur whether you are using a custom fitted sports guard, see our office immediately. Please call us at 949-770-9533.

cosmetic smile makeover

At our Family and Cosmetic Dental Office, creating a brighter and more beautiful smile is one of our many goals. Through a new brighter smile by using porcelain veneers allows a patient to have the confidence that they should have. And by placing veneers, a smile makeover is possible for everyone. Find more information and samples of some of our smile makeovers using porcelain cosmetic veneers and porcelain crowns at out website

This 25 year old patient initially came into our office to brighten his smile. We performed a ZOOM in office bleaching treatment prior to preparing the patients teeth for veneers. With a brighter smile, veneers are a conservative option to a smile makeover. When discussing the important features that are considered to make a person attractive, the smile was # 1, at 85%.

The patients teeth were prepared and he left with temporaries in place that was to be identical to his permanent veneers. Two weeks after the veneers were prepared, the patient left our office with porcelain veneers and a brighter outlook on his professional career. A smile creates confidance. Call our office to find out more at 949-770-9533

Fractured Tooth - Treatment

Just the other day, it was closing time at our cosmetic dental practice when I was presented with a message that one of our patient's children had fallen and fractured his tooth. It was 5:15 pm, but with dental trauma, time is of the essence.
When trauma occurs to our teeth, several senarios can happen. We can avulse our tooth ( knock it out) , intrude the tooth( push it into the gums), we can luxate the tooth( make it wiggle) or nothing at all. All of these situations require the need to see your dentist immediately. Each case requires an immediate exam, and radiograph to establish a baseline for future treatment.
Now back to our patient. The 13 year old male presented with a class II horizontal fracture ( cracking the enamel and dentin) There was no pulp exposure and the x-ray showed no presence of a root fracture. We disinfected the tooth, took an intraoral photo for reference, and bonded a tooth colored filling. The patient returned the next day and a complete bonded filling was placed.
Future treatment for the patients teeth require a follow-up x-ray and post op visits. It will be important to watch for any discoloration of the tooth, which would be an indication that the nerve has died and a root canal treatment be rendered. When the time is appropriate, a cosmetic porcelain veneer will need to be placed. Cosmetic veneers or a lumineer veneer is a conservative dental cosmetic treatment that will all the patient to maintain a beautiful smile and a whiter and brighter future for his teeth.
For prevention of such trauma, a sports mouth guard needs to be worn during all sports activities. The sports guard can be made by our dental office. Our sports guards are custom fabricted to fit the teeth of each patient. Custom sports mouth guards allow for easy breathing and better comunication. The stable and constant thickness improves protection from potential concussions by preventing the jaw from hitting the base of the skull. Such sports guards can be worn during football, lacrosse, soccer, basketball, skate boarding and baseball. More information about my office can be found at